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Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome Spring 2015.

For your weekend homework (Due Weds 1/28), you'll work on Fragments and Comma Splices And Fused Sentences
Be sure to keep track of your answers. You can use the worksheets provided - or your own record - to keep track of your answers (and to submit to me).

After this, you'll revise your three paragraphs written for today's class, taking all you've learned about paragraph construction and sentence structure into consideration.

Monday, December 2, 2013

14.1 = MLA and First Drafts Due

Ok 101 Campers:

Your drafts are due today.  Don't worry if they are hotter messes than your Aunt Shirley's stuffing disasters or your cousin Steve's new girlfriend, Esmerelda .... you will have time to fix them!

Ok - the schedule

1) Lets review the assignment carefully. 
2) We will review MLA style in general and then, more specifically, about your papers.

Very general MLA video if you need it:

Please note: I will not explan the assignment by email individually to students, especially not the night before the due date. Consider using the following as a checklist. 

The stapled research paper will have (in this order):
  • A Body of at least 1,000 words (does not include multimodal elements, Works Cited, Title page, etc.)
  • At least 2 multimodal elements (embedded or linked)
  • A Work's Cited page with a minimum of 5 valid and reliable sources to research and write your paper, not including those used for multimodal enhancement.
  • An Annotated Bibliography
Note: MLA Citation (in-text and in WC) must be done correctly. It alone will account for 10% of the grade. 
Note 2: Title page not needed

Monday, November 25, 2013

13.1 (11/25 and 11/26) Outlining a paper - using research

Today we'll talk about the "balancing act" of writing an analytical research paper. 

You'll need to include enough of everything, but not too much of anything.  You are ONLY writing 1000 words....Since you've just read tens of thousands of word on your topic, you know more than you could ever "fit" into a short(ish)  essay.
 Today you'll jump right in to outlining!

But wait ... too soon.  See, you have to make some decisions first.  What EXACTLY is your paper about, anyway?  And how many "subtopics" - or smaller parts - will your research support?  These might be "different relationships" or "various causes of an effect" or "stages in a progressions"  or even "opposing or divergent expert opinions/theories on a topic".  If its more than 4, can you cut or combine some of them.  If its less than 3, can you stretch somethings out - or do you need more research?

Here is a sample outline

Your paper will be at least 1000/words (about 4 pages).  I would aim for a distribution like this:

  • Intro (150 -200words)
  • 1st subtopic (250-350 words)
  • 2nd subtopic (250-350words)
  • 3rd subtopic (250-350 words)
  • Conclusion (100 -150 words)
  • Intro (150 -200words)
  • 1st subtopic (200-250 words)
  • 2nd subtopic  (200-250 words)
  • 3rd subtopic  (200-250 words)
  • 4th subtopic (200-250 words)
  • Conclusion (100-150 words)
I suggest you use subheadings to keep your organziation clear and tight - at least in your first draft.

Make sure that, along the ways, you always keep a detailed, written track of where your information/paraphrases and quotes come from (last name of author, page number, source).  Also, any language not your wown (quoted) must always remain in " " marks.  Never decide to put them back in later! 

What's due 14.1 (aka the first class back after Thanksgiving)?

A typed draft of at least 750 words divided evenly into different subtopic categories.  It can be printed or merely available on a FULLY CHARGED tablet or laptop. Each subtopic category (except the intro) must reference at least 1 source.  Each paper must reference at least 3 different sources total.  Bring all sources to class for an in-class MLA citation workshop.  Bring in a technology that you can use to edit your work - either a a FULLY CHARGED tablet or laptop or  a printed draft with pen/pencil for handwritten changes.

Have a lovely and wonderful break with your families - well, except for the part where you have to write these research papers :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

12.2 (11/20 and 11/21) - Annotated Bibliography

In class we will be working on annotated bibliographies.  The final, typed version in proper MLA format with at least 4 sources is due Week 13/Day 1 (aka next mon/tues)

draft my paper

Monday, November 18, 2013

12.1 (11/18 and 11/19) Research

Today we will talk about Academic Research!

Level I: Open Web (use with caution)
Level II: Print/Web Access (Reliable Books, Newspapers and Magazines - often both in print and online.
Level III: Closed Search Engines -  Here's the link to the Library
Level IV: Self-Conducted (First-Hand)

The research paper will have a

+Title Page
+ Body of at least 1,000 words (does not include multimodal elements, Works Cited, Title page, etc.)
+ At least 2 multimodal elements (embedded or linked)
+ An Annotated Bibliography
+ Works Cited Page

You will use a minimum of 5 valid and reliable sources to research and write your paper, not including those used for multimodal enhancement.

MLA Citation (in-text and in WC) must be done correctly.  It alone will account for 10% of the grade. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lets Woordle in class!

Schedule for rest of semester

Schedule for rest of semester

This weekend's HW: Preliminary topics and group affiliations due. Independant researchers must find one article on their topic as a "pass" to move forward. Every member of a group must find a dinstinct piece of research on the topic (2 members, 2 articles; 3 members, 3 articles etc).

From this point on in the semester, students are encouraged to bring any portable technology they have to class (laptops, tablets, smartphones) to aid with research projects.

12.1 (11/18 and 11/19) - Introduction to academic research, Part I.

HW. Locate and skim at additional sources on your topic. If available, reading just the abstract (carefully) is ok.
  • independants find 2-3 more
  • groups of 2 find 4-5
  • groups of 3 find 5-6
  • groups of 4 find 7-8
Bring printed articles or digital links you can access in class to next session.

12.2. (11/20 and 11/21) - Introduction to academic research, Part II.
  • Annotated bibliography Project
13. 1 (11/25 and 11/16) - Outlining and using research as evidence
hw. drafts due after break

13.2 Thanksgiving

14.1 (12/2 and 12/3) Drafts due; MLA Workshop

14.2 (12/4 and 12/5) - Final Drafts Due - Peer Review

Note:  From this point on, we will have class discussions, screen films, etc during class.  The deadline for ths project is staggered so that all students get their last paper returned asap in case they want to revise. Late penalties of 10 points a day will be applied, so do not be late.

15.1 (12/9; 12/10);Papers due - Red and Yellow

15. 2 (12/11; 12/12) Papers due (green and blue)

16. 1 (12/16; 12/17) Papers Due Purple.

16.2  (12/18; 12/19) Last day of class. Wrap it up and intro to 102.